Board of Directors

The AIP Board of Directors provides active and strategic leadership.

The Board comprises the Chair, AIP CEO, Corporate Secretary, one Director from each Member Society, and up to four at-large Directors. These Directors make sure each Society has a seat at the table when looking to the future of the physical sciences.

Executive Team

Our executives have their eyes on the future of physics.

The AIP Executive Team is a group of highly talented individuals working together to advance the physical sciences and promote AIP’s Member Societies with a unifying voice of strength from diversity.

  • I love AIP’s sense of purpose among the staff, and I deeply respect their drive to contribute to the advancement of the physical sciences. We have all the ingredients we need to push that mission forward in the digital world, and I’m delighted to play a part in making that happen.
    Scott Montgomery headshot
    Chief Content Officer American Institute of Physics
Volunteer Committees

We depend on scores of professionals who serve on our volunteer committees

From across our Member Societies and the physical sciences, our volunteers provide guidance and oversight of federation activities, AIP programs, and honors, grants and fellowships.