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Empowering Physical Scientists

Scientists at a presentation

Empowering Physical Scientists

Scientists at a presentation

AIP Foundation inspires transformative philanthropy that empowers physical scientists to make a global impact. We support hundreds of thousands of scientists in the physical sciences community, enabling breakthroughs that change our lives.

Your generosity helps fund scholarships, preserve scientific history, champion diversity initiatives, provide crucial science policy journalism, and drive innovation in the physical sciences.

PhysCon studen
Using rare books at NBLA
Sunrise over the U.S. Capitol building
TEAM-UP Together Arlene Modeste-Knowles, scholar and Jovonni Spinner
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Forging Tomorrow’s Solutions by Bridging Science and Policy
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Sparking a Physics Revolution
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You Make It Possible

Your generosity is the driving force behind physical scientists.

Guests enjoy a cocktail reception at the Cosmos Club
Michael Moloney and Vint Cerf
AIPF Guests chatting
France Córdova, AIPF Board Chair, and John Mather, AIPF Board of Trustee
TEAM-UP Together scholar, Destiny Howell, and AIPF’s Director of Strategy and Research, Rebecca Stefanon
TEAM-UP Together Arlene Modeste-Knowles, scholar and Jovonni Spinner
AIPF reception Dennis Brownlee, Jamil Fletcher,  Anna Lee, George Redmond
AIPF panel Evgeni Gousev, Jesse Thaler, Valerie Browning, Walter Copan, and moderator, France Córdova
AIPF From left to right, Jack Hehn, Mitch Ambrose and Jim Stith
2024 SPS Interns with Mark Clampin and John Mather

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