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Charles E. Woodward

Current Positions
Director, AIP Board of Directors  

Charles E. Woodward is an international expert in ground- and space-based observational astrophysics, instrumentation development and telescope construction, management and operations. His primary research is on the physical properties of astrophysical dust grains in interstellar, circumstellar and solar system environments, the physics of nova explosions and their chemical contributions to the interstellar medium, exoplanet characterization and demographics, and the infrared activity of comet nuclei and small solar system bodies.

Woodward has extensive experience in national and international astronomical management, strategic planning and space-policy, advising governmental agencies, Congress, the executive branch and public nonprofit organizations.

Woodward has served as an executive officer for the American Astronomical Society (AAS) and the Large Binocular Telescope Board, both 501(c (3) organizations, and currently serves as chair of the NASA HQ SMD Astrophysics Advisory Committee (APAC) and the NASA SOFIA Users Group, while being a member of the AAS Ethics Task Force.

Woodward is a professor at the Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics of the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and is a fellow of the African Science Institute.