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FYI: Science Policy News

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FYI: Science Policy News

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Published by AIP since 1989, FYI is an authoritative source for science policy news and analysis trusted by policymakers and scientists nationwide. FYI focuses on the intersection of policy and the physical sciences, offering in-depth reporting on topics such as innovation and competitiveness, research security, STEM education and workforce development, equity and inclusion, climate change, and emerging technologies. We provide systematic coverage of key federal science agencies such as the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and NASA.

  • I depend on it every week and it is truly the most outstanding resource for coverage of science policy right now, in my humble opinion. Your service to the community has significant and lasting impact.
    Senior DOE official
  • Your email is the only newsletter I make a point of reading.
    Senate staffer
Maintain Unbiased Impactful Reporting
FYI provides authoritative reporting on science policy, shaping initiatives with well-researched insights.
Be a Trusted Source
FYI is relied upon nationwide for credible science policy news and analysis.
Focus on Key Issues
FYI delves into critical topics like innovation, equity, and climate change, advancing important discussions.
Provide Coverage of Federal Science Agencies
FYI systematically covers agencies like DOE and NASA, promoting government transparency.
Support Science Communication
Donors invest in bridging science and policy through FYI’s reporting.
Provide Science Policy Tracking Tools
FYI offers information on science agency budgets, leaders, and the most important science bills in Congress.
You Make It Possible

Your generosity is a driving force that connects science and policy.

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