Office of Science and Technology Policy

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is responsible for integrating science and technology perspectives into White House policymaking and helping to develop budgets and priorities for science agencies. The office also administers the National Science and Technology Council, an interagency body responsible for coordinating policy across science agencies through a series of committees.

OSTP is led by a director and, by statute, up to four associate directors, all of whom are subject to Senate confirmation. President Obama created the U.S. Chief Technology Officer position in 2009, and the role can be designated as one of the associate directors. To date, President Biden has not named a CTO or associate directors, though some high-ranking officials have joined OSTP as deputy directors.

Leadership and Staff

SEP 22, 2022 – Confirmed on a 56-40 vote
Principal Deputy Director for Policy
Deputy Director for Science and Society
Deputy Director for Climate and Environment
MAR 19, 2021 – Appointed

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