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Physics Today Appoints Richard Fitzgerald as Editor-in-Chief

APR 20, 2023
Richard Fitzgerald headshot

Richard Fitzgerald

Rich Fitzgerald, new Editor-in-Chief of Physics Today

Fitzgerald takes the helm of AIP’s flagship magazine as it approaches its 75th anniversary.

WASHINGTON, April 20, 2023 – AIP has selected Richard Fitzgerald as the new editor-in-chief of Physics Today, the most influential and closely followed physics magazine in the world. Fitzgerald moves into this role after nearly 25 years of increasing leadership on the Physics Today team.

“We are excited to see how Richard will build on the impact of his prior leadership roles as editor-in-chief at Physics Today,” said AIP CEO Michael Moloney. “Together, we are working to evolve Physics Today to be even better at meeting the needs of our Member Societies and our readers.”

Physics Today is a unifying influence for the diverse areas of physics and related sciences. It is home to authoritative features, full news coverage and analysis, and fresh perspectives on technological advances and groundbreaking research. Fitzgerald’s appointment comes as the magazine approaches the 75th anniversary of its first issue.

“This anniversary makes it a good time for everyone at Physics Today to reflect on our rich history and look forward to how we can increase the publication’s relevance and meet our audience’s needs well into the future,” said Fitzgerald. “Physics Today has played a steady and reliable role in the community through the years by weaving together all the different subfields in physics. It’s important to continue that work, especially in a time of frequent hyperspecialization.”

Fitzgerald started at Physics Today in 1998 as an associate editor. Before that, he completed his undergraduate degree in physics at Princeton University and his graduate degree in physics at Harvard University. There, his research focused on mesoscopic superconductors. He moved back to Princeton for a postdoctoral position in an atomic physics lab studying laser-polarized noble gases.

But Fitzgerald always had one foot in the journalism world. He was the co-editor-in-chief of his high school newspaper and the executive producer of American Focus, a nationally syndicated public affairs radio show, in college.

“After checking out two research fields, I decided research wasn’t my thing. That narrowed focus, looking at one set of tightly related things – my curiosity was broader than that,” he said. “Part of the appeal of Physics Today was that I would constantly be exposed to and learning about new things.”

Fitzgerald proceeded to climb the ranks at Physics Today, serving as executive managing editor and, for the past year, as interim editor-in-chief. In the process, he helped forge a strong team, which will enable the magazine to continue to earn its reputation by being agile, responsive, and relevant.

“It will be key for Physics Today to envision and embrace the future of the brand, because it shouldn’t look like the past,” he said. “It will remain true to its heritage but continue to evolve as the audience and the ways we reach the audience change.”



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