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116th Congress
Scientific Integrity Act
To amend the America COMPETES Act to establish certain scientific integrity policies for Federal agencies that fund, conduct, or oversee scientific research, and for other purposes.
Summary of Selected Provisions

Selected changes in the amended House bill

  • Provisions related to media relations and agencies’ public communications have been dropped
  • Various prohibitions have been redefined as issues that agencies’ scientific integrity policies must address
  • Requires that instances when agencies overrule scientific integrity officers’ conclusions on alleged policy violations be reported to Congress and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • Requires the Government Accountability Office to review the implementation of agencies’ scientific integrity policies

Selected provisions in original House bill

  • Amends the American COMPETES Act to require science agencies to develop scientific integrity policies that meet certain standards
  • Directs agencies to appoint a scientific integrity officer, implement a staff training program on scientific integrity, and release an annual report on misconduct cases
  • Requires agencies to allow scientists to speak to the media about their research without obtaining prior approval
  • Requires scientists be given the opportunity to review public statements an agency plans to make about their research
Primary Sponsors
Co-sponsors by Party
  • 10/17/2019
    Advanced by House Science, Space, and Technology Committee
  • 03/13/2019
    Introduced in House

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