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AIP Statistical Research has been collecting, analyzing and disseminating data on education, careers, and diversity in physics, astronomy and other physical sciences for more than three decades. As part of the broader AIP Research team, Statistical Research is a source for reliable data and analysis on:

  • Enrollment and degrees granted in physics, astronomy and related fields from high school through the PhD level.
  • Demographic profiles of physics faculty members in high schools, two-year colleges, four-year colleges and universities.
  • Initial post-degree employment outcomes for individuals with bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees or PhDs in physics and astronomy.
  • Salary data for members of the physics and astronomy workforce.
  • Workforce dynamics including levels of unemployment, underemployment, satisfaction with position and skills used. At degree-granting physics and astronomy departments, we follow staff turnover, retirements and the number of open positions available.
  • Issues that cut across education and employment such as the representation of women and individuals from underpresented groups in physics, astronomy and related fields.

AIP Statistical Research also contracts with professional societies to conduct surveys on topics of particular interest to their organizations, including:

  • Profiles of professional society membership.
  • Concerns and satisfaction of the society membership.
  • Salaries and employment prospects in specific fields.

Using AIP Statistical Research Data

You are encouraged and permitted to use any of the tables and graphs that you find on the Statistical Research website. You do not need to ask for permission. If you use Statistical Research data in a paper, you will need to follow the citation guidelines of that publication.

Additionally, please appropriately cite any Statistical Research data used in your oral presentations or rendered on your web pages. The suggested citation is: “AIP Statistical Research,”. If you want to cite more information, include name of the author and the name of the report.

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