Federal Science Budget Tracker

FYI’s Federal Science Budget Tracker provides up-to-date information on budget and appropriations actions for physical sciences programs.

The charts below detail federal spending proposals and outcomes for agencies that support the physical sciences. These trackers are updated in the current fiscal year as spending proposals become available and legislative action occurs. Previous-year spending levels are also available back to fiscal year 2017. For each agency, you can click through to a page with program-level budget details, a timeline of current actions, and historical budget data.

Note: We are in the process of upgrading our budget tracker to better display historical data. However, we caution that figures for many agency programs are not always comparable over time due to budget restructurings and reallocations of funds. There are also often differences between how budget figures are reported by agencies versus how they are reported by Congress.

Learn more about our methodology and the federal budget process.

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