Commitment to Ethics


AMENDED: September 12, 2018

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) is committed to upholding high personal and professional ethical standards and to operating in compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. In carrying out the AIP mission, “To advance, promote, and serve the physical sciences for the benefit of humanity,” we, the AIP staff members and Board of Directors, will conduct ourselves according to the following standards:

General Professional Conduct

  • Strive for personal and professional excellence.
  • Demonstrate the highest standards of personal honesty and accountability.
  • Encourage and contribute to a culture of open communication, creativity, dedication, and compassion.
  • Exhibit professional competence, fairness, impartiality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Business Ethics and Conduct

  • Recognize that the chief obligation of AIP is to serve the best interests of our constituencies: Member Societies, the physical sciences community, and the general public.
  • Treat our co-workers, AIP Member Societies, vendors and all others with whom we interact on behalf of AIP with respect and dignity.
  • Respect the structure and responsibilities of the Board of Directors; provide the Board with facts, analysis, and opinions as a basis for their policy decisions; and uphold and implement policies adopted by the Board.
  • Encourage the professional development of colleagues.
  • Avoid any interest or activity that is, or may appear to be, in conflict with the conduct of our official duties. If a potential conflict arises, disclose it immediately to AIP management or Board, as appropriate.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of privileged, confidential and sensitive information and do not use such information for personal gain.

  • Obtain proper authorization for any oral or written business commitments that bind AIP.
  • Use AIP property, equipment, facilities, computers and other resources for business purposes only, other than insubstantial uses.

Legal and Regulatory Standards Compliance

  • Comply with all laws, regulations, contractual obligations, policies and professional standards governing AIP.
  • Maintain a safe workplace to protect and preserve the wellbeing of AIP staff, the public, and the environment.
  • Refrain both from accepting gifts or gratuities that may be construed as placing obligations on AIP, and from offering gifts or gratuities unless expressly permitted by law and by AIP policies.