Background Checks

Board Background Check Policy

Owner: Human Resources
Date of Adoption: October 29, 2021
Policy Number: PL-02-008

Reviewal Policy

The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing this policy annually and recommending modifications as needed to the Board of Directors.


This Policy was adopted by the Board, for the purpose of the conduct of background checks for the Officers of the Board and the Chair of the Audit Committee, focused on educational and criminal background checks on appointment or reappointment.

Moved: That the AIP Audit Committee recommends to the AIP Board of Directors that the Officers of the Board and the Chair of the Audit Committee be subject to educational and criminal background appointment or reappointment.
— AIP Board, March 26, 2021

Timing and Conduct of Background Check to be performed: At the time of appointment or reappointment, the Nominating and Governance Committee will make the request to AIP Human Resources, who will initiate the background check process.

Evaluation of Background Check Results

All background check results will be reviewed by the Chief Human Resources Officer and an evaluation thereof delivered to the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee Chair will report the results annually to the Board (or when new reports are received). The only exception is the Audit Committee Chair’s background results, of which those will be reported to the Vice Chair of the Committee who can determine, if in the event of adverse results, to consult with the Chair of the Board for further review and determination of any action.